• Annik Moyal-Waldman, M.Ed

Divine Intervention trumps the Ego, every time!

Updated: May 30, 2020

If you’ve received our broadcast news about the exciting launch of our new private practice, you may be thinking: Say what?!!!! Are you kidding me? Launch a new private practice in the midst of our world-wide Coronavirus pandemic? What are you two thinking?!?!!

Well, I have to confess that, at first, these very thoughts crossed our minds.

After six months visioning, planning and creating our private practice… After months attracting our beautiful new office in which we would consult with our blessed clients ~ we naturally had to ask ourselves the very same question!

Just what kind of a bad joke is this, exactly, this concurrence of this entity called ‘COVID-19’ with the opening of our new practice? Just what is this beast that’s single-handedly halted our world economy, as it has, disrupting all of our lives, imposing all sorts of sanctions upon our collective freedom and liberties ~ all in the name of our safety, well-being and health, anyway?

Seductive as it is to think in such ways, thank goodness I quickly realized I needed to command an immediate moratorium on my thought. I realized that this is merely ego mind, thinking it knows best. Yet again! Because the truth of the matter is that we must trust that everything that happens is truly for our highest good, and that all is in perfect and divine order.

The words of Tyee reporter, Andrew Nikiforuk, suddenly reminded me of the higher purpose and wisdom in the way our launch is rolling out. Nikiforuk recently stated: ‘Pandemics: They disrupt, reveal and renew. They give opportunity to rethink what we’ve come to believe is normal’.

So... How absolutely perfect that, as creative disruptors ourselves, the birth of our Healing Works Counselling should align with such a pandemic.

Are physical and social distancing inconvenient during launch time? Of course.

Does the virus pose unique challenges to drawing our audience? Yup.

Is virtual counselling trickier to manage for both therapist and client alike? You bet.