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The Currency of Emotions

Here’s what I know for sure: Life is like a monumental emotional bank account. Each word I speak, each behavior I enact either contributes an emotional DEPOSIT, or an emotional WITHDRAWAL to my account.

On which side of the equation will I be on if I choose these particular words, or these specific actions? 💕

Fast forward in time. If I were to continue on this trajectory over the course of the next six years, what would I create for myself in ALL quadrants of my life (i.e., relationships, health, work life, finances, creativity, spirituality?) 💕

If I love what I see in my mind’s eye, fabulous! If I don’t, NOW would be the opportune time to re-adjust my sails and moral compass.

Over to you now... How do you like what you are co-creating in your life? Might you need some assistance in re-directing your navigational course? If so, we are here for you! Together, healing happens! And we would just LOVE to hear from you.

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