Healing Remedies to protect your immune system

Attached below is a list we’ve compiled of powerful ways you can protect your immune system, while reducing the harmful effects of spike proteins:

1. Zeoforce - This product is supported by both David Wolfe, a Longevity expert, and Dr. Gabriel Cousens, with whom I was blessed to study at The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, AZ. He’s an internationally-renowned medical doctor, holistic doctor, shaman and rabbi.


Because Zeoforce clears all damaging heavy metals, we need LOTS of water and fibre to transport toxins safely out of the body. In addition to upping your water intake while on Zeoforce, consider also adding 1 T. of ground Organic Golden Flaxseed to your cereals, chia pudding, salads, veggies, soups and stews. Start with 1/2T. of ground golden flax and gradually work up to 1.5T. Just grind the flax, store and refrigerate in a mason jar for ease of daily use. It’s important to maintain this practice after you complete your course of Zeoforce, since flax is a great source of daily fibre, along with all fresh fruit and vegetables. Store your bag of Golden Flaxseeds in the freezer to best preserve nutrients.

Enjoy fresh cilantro and parsley daily as additional measures of clearing heavy metals. As an alternative to Zeoforce, you can enjoy The Medical Medium’s Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie.


2. According to Dr. Ardis, who spoke at the Health & Freedom Conference, Tampa, FLA in June ‘21, we are advised to include the following as part of our clean-up crew DAILY, whether vaxxed or not.


. 3 scoops of magnesium in water, juice or smoothie (Can Prev), min. of 500 mg/day protects organs from all oxidative stress and all poisons and viruses

. selenium tincture, 200 mcg. so liver can make glutathione and white blood cells to fight all infections

. 10K mg of vitamin C

Even better, add 1-3t. of Camu powder in smoothies, purchased online from Real Raw Foods in Naramata, BC). Camu powder is 500x the C you’d find in a capsule.

Though it’s been difficult to find consensus, I hold this as my general rule of thumb: 1t. = 600 mg. of C. Even if we consumed 3t. of Camu/per day, we would only get 1800 mg. of vitamin C, whereas Dr. Ardis encourages us to consume 10K of vitamin C, daily.




. 5 drops of Ionic Zinc (Innotech) in ¼ C. of water

All health care products are available in-person and on-line at The Vitamin Shop in Victoria, BC, The Community Farm Store in Duncan, BC. In the Okanagan, Nature’s Fare, Choices or Lifestyles. Real Raw Foods out of Naramata, BC, is also an excellent, well-informed source. In Ontario, consult Ambrosia and Noah’s.

3. Internationally-renowned Dr. Christiane Northrup shares her Hydroxychloroquine recipe:

. Take three organic grapefruit & three organic lemons

. remove the peel; include some of the white skin from these fruit in your concoction

. simmer for 3 hours in approximately 3C. of water

. pour this liquid in 2 quart Mason jars

Instructions for Use:

Feel free to freeze one of the jars. Take 2T. 2X daily. You can mix this liquid with some juice to make it less sour. You can also ingest more than 2 times daily, if you wish.

4. Vitamin D 10K i.u daily, or 15 minutes of sunlight without sunscreen.

5. Ivermectin – Don’t laugh, but you can source this through veterinarians!

6. Bee Pollen (by Beekeepers Propolys or Organika)

7. High quality silver colloidal.
See www.realrawfoods.com

8. Spike Pro-Tect
See www.realrawfoods.com


In addition to these protocols, never under-estimate the power and potency of being a Peaceful Warrior. The world needs you and your gifts & talents more than ever now! Pray and meditate, daily. Listen to high vibrational music of 432 Hz +++. Enjoy the sunlight. Sing. Dance. Play in the majesty of nature. Enjoy visits with family & friends. Learn. Contribute. Seriously commit to strengthening your spiritual musculature. Think happy, inspiring, elevating thoughts. Steer clear of mass media; choose the conscious press instead. Most importantly, don’t take our word for it! Always conduct your own independent research. Know in your heart that victory belongs to those of us who are sacred vessels for Light & Love. In this Golden Age of Global Awakening, we are all learning to awaken to the importance of increased self-responsibility, self-love and self-care. Many of us are discovering how to trust in our brilliance and intuition, by attuning to our Higher Self and receiving clarity around the essence of WHO we are as divine beings. In this magnificent new world we are co-creating, we relish in balancing our passion for learning and consulting with others, on the one hand, with respecting and honoring, our own Sovereignty, on the other. Please stay connected. We are, as always, eager to share in your discoveries and learn how this resonates (and works) for you & yours!

With Light & Love,

Annik & Grant