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warmly welcomes you!

We are delighted you are here.


No matter what footsteps you have courageously navigated, no matter the journey that has lead you here, know that you are in a blessed place.

From where you are sitting at this precise moment, you may be thinking: Are you kidding me? I’d give anything NOT to be here!

We TOTALLY get it. Like you, we were once in your shoes.

But here’s the thing: Challenging life circumstances and what we call ‘sacred crises’ represent golden opportunities for transformation. These crises are precious doorways through which profound changes arise. They are windows of opportunity that are gifting you with the possibility of MORE light, love, happiness and good than you EVER thought possible! Difficult circumstances invite us to deepen into WHO we are in our truest essence, and to develop more self-respect, self-love, empathy and compassion for ourselves than we ever imagined possible.

​At Healing Works, we believe in helping you harness the power that your particular crisis is uniquely offering you. Armed with a fervent belief in your inherent inner wisdom and brilliance, along with our extensive bevy of professional experience and tools ~ we hope to inspire you to re-kindle the fires of hope and optimism within you!!

We work with those of you who are (i) aware of the need to heal wounds associated with ancestral trauma (i.e., abuse, addiction, grief, loss and shame), and (ii) ready to embrace full responsibility for all that you are co-creating!


If you are ready to be inspired, elevated and empowered in your self-care, self-love and self worth…

If you are ready to re-discover the truth of WHO you truly are…

If you feel stoked about being nurtured and nourished into claiming the FULLEST expression of your joy, freedom and power...

If you are motivated and committed to embarking upon a regenerative healing and transformative journey ~ we would be honoured to accompany you as your guides.


We would invite you to pour yourself a piping hot cuppa of your favorite concoction, and together, we’ll make healing happen. Thank you for the privilege of serving you!


Together, healing happens!

With Love,
Annik & Grant

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