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Mission Statement

As creative disruptors and cultural co-creatives, our life’s mission is to catalyze awakening and conscious evolution. We are visionaries and rebels with a cause. We take pride in rattling complacency, striving to awaken you to re-remember WHO you are in in your truest essence, as we inspire you to reach deep within to call forth your highest and best self possible. As you deepen into your healing journey, you will restore your inner harmony, and reclaim the fullest expression of your joy, freedom, and power.

If you are (i) aware of the need to heal wounds associated with ancestral trauma (i.e., abuse, addiction, grief, loss, and shame), and, (ii) ready to 100% commit and be responsible for your healing journey, we, at Healing Works Counselling, would be delighted to accompany you!

Together, healing happens!

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