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About Grant

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Grant M. Waldman, PhD Eco-Psychology Candidate, MA, CCC  (12782), CIAS III

Dr. Grant M. Waldman, PhD, Ecopsychologist, CCC #12782

Areas of specialization:

Trauma & Addictions

Men’s Wellness
Indigenous Healing

Born in London, ON, to parents of Eastern European descent, the middle of three sons, I was raised in Toronto for most of my early development years. As a graduate from York University with degrees in History and Business Administration, and an advanced diploma in IT Systems from The Honeywell Institute in the 1980’s/90’s in Toronto, I worked in business development, operations management, and international marketing.

In 2003, the love of my life, best friend, and business partner, Annik Moyal-Waldman, with whom I have been married for over 30 years, and our beloved son, Nathaniel, fulfilled our dream to move from Ontario to BC, Canada. Inspired by the majesty and beauty of Western Canadian mountains and oceanfront, our family lived in the beautiful Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island of BC for most of our years in Western Canada. Nathaniel, now in his mid-20s, was originally born in Indianapolis, IN, and is a graduate of The University of Victoria. He works in the project management/communications on Vancouver Island, BC, as he pursues advanced studies.

Motivated to heal his ancestral trauma, I became involved in Men’s groups in Indianapolis, IN, Toronto, ON, and the Sunshine Coast, BC. I had the opportunity to witness first-hand the ‘pebble-in-the-pond’ reverberations of healing that occurred whenever a man did his inner work. These positive effects of healing reverberate not only upon the man himself, but upon his partner, family, and indeed, his entire community. The act of reaching out for help is a deeply courageous act, especially for men, as most of us are conditioned to self-isolate and suffer in silence.

Initiated in The Mankind Project (MKP) in the Spring of 2006, I became involved with the men’s movement for 25+ years. I served on the Board of The Mankind Project for two years as the Vancouver Island representative and previously, as the Integration Group Chair. This work was so deeply transformative for me that I felt called to introduce countless men to join me in sitting in local men's circles, both on Vancouver Island, and in our new N. Okanagan community, and to participate in the New Warrior Training Adventure that takes place three to five times per year in BC. These transformative outdoor leadership adventures teach men about the importance of integrity, responsibility, accountability. Repeatedly, I am awed to witness the magic of healing and transformation that occurs through such a simple act as sitting in circle. Time and time again, I  observe that a man’s life can literally be saved through such opportunities.

In 2008, motivated to offer my son a Rites of Passage experience, I founded Boys to Men - Western Canada. Intent on gifting my son with an opportunity to pursue his healing work when young, rather than having to wait till his 40’s, as he had done, a team of colleagues and I from my men’s community delivered a program now called "Fire & Bones." This program has historically provided mentoring for boys in schools. Both the school program and the Rites of Passage Adventure Weekend are a safe place for adolescent boys to speak their truth and learn to respect and trust self and others. It is a place where young men can be inspired to learn how to be a man of integrity, responsibility, and accountability. Around this time, I both led and co-led several weekend mentoring workshops for men that support their connection with their own inner teenage fire. This training left men feeling supported and confident to in turn mentor our young men. Additionally, I felt honoured to support the Young Men's Adventure Weekend that takes place every July in the Vancouver region in BC. 

In 2009, I served as the Executive Director of a non-profit he co-founded called West Coast Men’s Support Society (WCMSS). Here, I began supporting men with peer-based counselling, encouraging them to live their happiest, healthiest lives. At the suggestion of my spouse who observed that I was at my most joyful, engaged, and passionate while serving men, I chose to channel my love and passion for supporting men and their families into a career as a helping professional.

Eager to follow my true calling and inspired to deepen my areas of gift, I completed certificates in Narrative Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Suicide Prevention, Intervention, Postvention, and Community Safety. I then felt honoured to have studied under the auspices of Dr. Jed Diamond in an inaugural Men’s Health Training program.

In 2013, I pursued my M.A. in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University. Prior to graduating, I undertook a practicum at The Cowichan Tribes Counselling, while coordinating a parenting program for men on a part-time basis at the Duncan, BC House of Friendship. The beauty, wisdom, and gentleness of the First Nations culture and their deep connection with Mother Earth really spoke to me. Following graduation, I furthered my education with certificates in: Humanitarian Response to Natural Disasters and Conflict, Community First Aid, and the Journey to Wellness - Trauma & Shame.

In 2013, I graduated with an M.A. in Counselling Psychology. In the Autumn of 2016, I embarked upon my PhD, studying Ecopsychology at Project Nature Connect which is affiliated with West Coast University. By late 2016, honoured to be invited to work at the world-renowned Round Lake Treatment Centre (RLTC) in the Okanagan Valley where ‘Culture is Treatment’ and always eager for their next grand adventure, Annik & I moved to the Northern Okanagan region. From 2017 to 2021, I served as a Wellness Facilitator/Counsellor in RLTC's Indigenous treatment program. I assisted clients to heal wounds associated with ancestral trauma (i.e., abuse, addiction, grief, loss and shame). I also supported RLTC's Recovery Home for over a year as  Clinical Counsellor. In the Spring of 2023, I successfully completed my PhD in Applied Ecopsychology.

For over ten years, the focus of my therapeutic work has been Men’s Wellness, Trauma & Addictions, and Indigenous Healing. The cornerstone of my work is mindfulness and holistic health. As a highly skilled Ecopsychologist, my approach is client-centred, strengths-based, solution-focused, and grounded in nature-based healing. I use active listening skills that will leave you feeling acknowledged, heard, witnessed, and encouraged. Additionally, my trauma-informed approach means you can expect attunement, empathy, and compassion.

Another important aspect of my life's calling is my music. I am an accomplished and published singer-songwriter-poet who released my first CD titled “Waldo Wants to Wake-up the World" in 2002. I have performed at local coffee houses, in addition to other functions, including MKP graduation ceremonies, various spiritual, environmental, and peace causes. I have additionally published a book of prose. Both my CD and book can be found on Amazon. In my leisure time, I enjoy all that the west coast has to offer with my beautiful family and friends, including kayaking, biking, golfing, tennis, skiing, and hiking!

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