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About Annik & Grant


As creative disruptors and cultural co-creatives, our life’s mission is to catalyze awakening and conscious evolution by rattling complacency. Our mission is to awaken you to re-remember WHO you are in in your truest essence. As visionaries and rebels with a cause, we strive to inspire you to reach deep within yourself, to call forth your highest, and best self possible!


We feel honoured to rise to the occasion precisely because, in all our years as truth seekers, we have always intuitively known that you are WAY more than a consumer. We believe that you are destined for the greatness and magnificence that is your true birthright! We use your sacred crisis, whatever it may be, as your unique gateway to the unveiling and unravelling of your greatest gifts and life purpose.


We have been empaths and spiritual seekers since time immemorial.


Highly inquisitive and curious by nature, we are eager to dive deep into uncharted territory and foreign landscapes. Whether we are speaking about a bold international move from Toronto, ON to Indianapolis, IN in 1996; a vision quest to attract the very best Waldorf Schools for our then young son in a number of moves in 2003-2016 from Eastern to Western Canada; the orchestration and acclimatization to all types of change in our lives, including: changes in work life; family life; home life; financial status; coping with significant loss, life stage transitions) or adventurous travels of all kinds ~~ we are true alchemists who have the art of orchestrating change and managing transitions down to a science!


We believe that we are all here to grow, transform, evolve our consciousness to become our own unique expressions of our very best and highest selves! We are grateful to live our lives as the GRAND and colourful adventure that it was truly destined to be.


We have made several bold decisions in our blessed 34 years of marriage; so much so that, like Jungian psychoanalyst, Marion Woodman says, we feel that 'we have lived FIVE marriages ALL in ONE!' Ours is a beautiful marriage of rich cultural ancestry and heritage. Grant is of Eastern Polish and Western Russian descent, from villages that no longer exist for Jews because of the Holocaust. Annik prides herself in the exotic beauty, vibrancy and effervescence of her Middle-Eastern roots in N. Africa. While Grant brings quieter, grounded ‘Rock of Gibraltar’ energy, Annik is the quintessential extrovert, affable, energetic and expressive.


The most beautiful expression of our love and co-creation ever is, without a doubt, our beloved and much-loved son, Nathaniel! We are ever so proud and grateful to witness our darling, now 25, successfully launched in his life, as the loving, strong, independent, emotionally resilient, talented and gifted young man that he is! Our family has made Western Canada our home since 2003. As outdoor enthusiasts with an affinity for nature’s majesty, our passion and appreciation for the inspirational beauty of Western Canadian landscapes, mountains and oceanfront vistas, remains as true today, as it was 19 years ago. We can be found indulging our passion for all things conscious, including the culinary arts, music, dance, the performing arts, hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, tennis and cycling.


Together, we weave a rich tapestry of a combined 40+ years of personal and professional experience. We share a wealth of knowledge in the realms of conscious leadership, conscious parenting, alternative education, creativity, spirituality, homeopathy and herbology. Our range of collective experience spans psychotherapy, leadership development, holistic wellness, energy medicine, healing, women’s empowerment, men’s empowerment, expressive arts facilitation, organizational development consulting, change management, life and business coaching, business management, community development, non-profit governance, public speaking, international marketing and content writing. Ultimately, we find our most meaningful and fulfilling expression in creative work that centres on an integration of holistic wellness, transpersonal psychology and spirituality.


The inspiration to use the expressive arts in service to healing stems from our 30+ year love and deep appreciation for, the expressive and performing arts. We have a passion for the unique role the Arts play in inspiring, challenging and elevating us. As multi-potentialites, Grant is a published singer/songwriter who recorded his beautifully acclaimed CD in 2002 titled ‘Waldo Wants to Wake up the World’. In 2014, Grant published his book of poetry, and was a part of a consortium of authors who published An Anthology of Men’s Empowerment Stories, Volumes II and IV.


Without any professional training in music or the performing arts, Annik daringly flung herself into singing sultry jazz numbers. She then boldly tempted fate by singing in her first opera as a mezzo-soprano -- to rave reviews! Annik will also confess to harbouring a not-so-secret love affair over the past ten years with her Authentic Movement, Ecstatic Dance and 5 Rhythms Dance practice. In other seasons of her life, she enjoyed serving as lead principal in two short films. Annik's deepest life-long passion is her writing, having successfully published a number of articles, short stories and written six works of creative non-fiction, as well as a screenplay ~ all of which are at various stages of development.

Over the years, we have been invited to share our teachings around the Art of Sacred Relationship. It would take us an extraordinary five-month spiritual sabbatical in 2015, and a temporary conscious uncoupling experience in 2017, to provide us with the needed experience with which to rise to the occasion!

We have a deep passion and appreciation for life, family, wellness, the arts, and this beautiful natural world of ours. Think of us as a multi-talented therapist duo who uniquely blend wise old ancestral Medicine Woman & Man energy, body-centred healing and/or expressive arts modalities along with all that counselling, coaching and holistic wellness we have to offer! In service to your healing, we are excited to bring you our newest co-creation, Healing Works Counselling!

Together, healing happens!

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