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Healing Remedies to protect your immune system

This compilation represents literally hundreds of hours of research we've conducted over 20+ years. Its sole intention is to offer you cutting-edge, state-of-the-art information that will assist you in protecting your immune system, and optimize your health, vitality and vibrancy. We've updated our list to include mega-powerful ways of reducing the harmful effects of the spike proteins in the experimental injections. Additionally, you will find super-heroes listed here to armor you against the increased radiation that is, sadly, ever more present in our modern world today.

May we invite you to approach this compilation as you would any abundant feast or buffet, of sorts. Taste whatever calls out to you, AND, like all buffets, be mindful to avoid over-indulging. Trick your ego to avoid FEAR by taking BABY STEPS. Otherwise, you risk feeling overwhelmed, or worse, and making yourself so crazy that you'll become immobilized. As one of my friends says: ‘Inch by inch, life’s a cinch. Yard by yard, life is hard’. Slow and steady wins the race.

** IMPORTANT!!! **
Before you proceed, please read our 'Disclaimer Statement'. Bear in mind that although this is a general prescriptive for great health, it’s always important to consult with your individual health care practitioners who will assist you in weighing in on what is in your best and highest good. No less important is your own intuition! Feel free to choose amongst this banquet of options as you feel inspired, and according to what you know about your individual constitution (dosha), any specific health conditions you’re in process of healing, where in your body you may be aware of feeling emotionally and/or energetically blocked, your lifestyle factors, genetic pre-dispositions, etc.

1. Follow The Medical Medium's protocols, as described in Anthony William's seminal book, Cleanse to Heal. Briefly, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, squeeze lemon in a cup of warm water. 15-20 minutes later, consume 12-16 oz. of freshly pressed Celery juice. This is your micro-biome’s SUPER-POWERHOUSE CLEANSER! The best known vegetable juicer on the market today is the Champion brand. 15-20 minutes after you consume your celery juice, enjoy your Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie. If you LOVE your liver with these nurturing morning rituals, your liver will LOVE you!

2. Zeoforce - This product is supported by both David Wolfe, a Longevity expert, and Dr. Gabriel Cousens, with whom I was blessed to study at The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, AZ. He’s an internationally-renowned medical doctor, holistic doctor, shaman and rabbi.

Because Zeoforce clears all damaging heavy metals, we need LOTS of water and fibre to transport toxins safely out of the body. In addition to upping your water intake while on Zeoforce, consider also adding 1 T. of ground Organic Golden Flaxseed to your cereals, chia pudding, salads, veggies, soups and stews. Start with 1/2T. of ground golden flax and gradually work up to 1.5T. Just grind the flax, store and refrigerate in a mason jar for ease of daily use. It’s important to maintain this practice after you complete your course of Zeoforce, since flax is a great source of daily fibre, along with all fresh fruit and vegetables. Store your stash of Golden Flaxseeds in the freezer to best preserve nutrients.

Please note that Zeoforce is an alternative to Medical Medium's Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie. Enjoy fresh cilantro and parsley daily as additional measures of clearing heavy metals that are known precusors to dis-ease. 

3. According to Dr. Ardis, who spoke at the Health & Freedom Conference, Tampa, FLA in June ‘21, you are advised to include the following as part of your clean-up crew DAILY, whether vaxxed or not.

. 3 scoops of magnesium in water, juice or smoothie (Can Prev), min. of 500 mg/day protects organs from all oxidative stress and all poisons and viruses

. selenium tincture, 200 mcg. so your liver can make glutathione and white blood cells necessary to keep your immune system strong and free of infections

. mix a bit of your daily dosage of 10K mg of vitamin C in your freshly squeezed orange juice. Try Liposomol (by Naka or NutriStart),  the newest technology on the market. Liposomal binds to fats and therefore nourishes the body longer than any of its water-soluable counterparts. Of course, food grade supplementation is always the best weapon of choice, wherever possible. 

Consider adding 1-3 teaspoons of Camu powder in smoothies, purchased online from Real Raw Foods in Naramata, BC). Camu powder is 500x the C you’d find in a capsule.


​Though it’s been difficult to find consensus in the literature, I hold this as my general rule of thumb: 1t. is roughly equal to 600 mg. of C. Even if you were to consume 3t. of Camu/daily, you would only get 1800 mg. of vitamin C, whereas Dr. Ardis encourages you to consume 10K of vitamin C, daily at this time.


. Vitamin K2 + A + D (W. Gifford-Jones). K2 prevents calcification of tissues, especially in arteries. To meet daily requirements, consume no more than .50ml of K2 in dropper, then add 8 i.u's of vitamin D separately *

. *Vitamin D 5-10K i.u daily (Naka Spray), or 15 minutes of sunlight without sunscreen, daily. Most people are deficient in vitamin D. You can request labwork testing of your vitamin D levels with your physician, though you will need to pay out of pocket since this testing is not covered by BC Health Care. 1 spray is equivalent to 1 i.u. If you are dealing with a serious health condition or don't consume Vitamin K2 + A + D, you will in all likelihood want to opt for a therapeutic dose of vitamin D. In this case, take the higher limit of dosing recommended here until your vitamin D levels are in the normal range.

. 5 drops of Ionic Zinc (Innotech) in ¼ C. of water
Zinc is critical for immune building and particularly important if you are fighting an infection.

All health care products are available in-person and on-line at The Vitamin Shop in Victoria, BC, The Community Farm Store in Duncan, BC. In the Okanagan, Nature’s Fare, Choices or Lifestyles. Real Raw Foods out of Naramata, BC, is also an excellent, well-informed source. In Ontario, consult Ambrosia and Noah’s.

. 2T. of omega fatty acids like Udo's oil, flaxseed oil, or krill, daily

. Chia seeds as a super nutrient-dense food to sprinkle over salads, stir fries, stews or soups. Message us for our delish Cacao Chia Pudding recipe!

4. Internationally-renowned Dr. Christiane Northrup shares her Hydroxychloroquine recipe:

. Take three organic grapefruit and three organic lemons

. remove the peel, while ensuring that you include some of the white skin from these fruits

. next, simmer for three hours in approximately 3C. (cups) of water

. pour this liquid in three of four small glass Mason jars

Instructions for Use:

Take 1-2T. (tablespoons) twice daily. You can mix this liquid in some juice to make your concoction less sour. For an added vitamin C boost, we combine our elixir with 1 teaspoon of liquid vitamin C. For therapeutic purposes, feel free to ingest more than twice daily.

Your anti-oxidant elixir will preserve in the refrigerator for approximately one week. You can also freeze the rest of the jars. However, before refrigerating or freezing, be sure to let completely cool to ensure that your concoction is bacteria-free. You will also want to leave an inch free of liquid to allow for all ease in thawing out.

5. Ivermectin – This is a powerful anti-oxidant, well-known to effectively treat covid symptoms when taken in the early stages of the virus. Don’t laugh, but you can source this through veterinarians. Or message us for a local source. If you can’t locate, choose third-party tested products containing the key ingredient, Wormwood, in capsule form. For contra-indications and cautions, be sure to do your own thorough research. Be aware that only short-term use of two to four weeks is advisable.

6. Bee Pollen (by Beekeepers Propolys or Organika). Contains oodles of anti-aging properties and anti-oxidants.

7. High quality Silver Colloidal. Again, another potent anti-viral, bacterial and immune system booster.

8. Spike Pro-Tect has been uniquely designed to prevent damage from spike protein and derivatives in our world's experimental injections. It helps your body to clear heavy metals and other toxic debris that have cumulated over the years, without which you place yourself at risk for a plethora of diseases like alzheimers, arthritis, parkinsons, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer and other auto-immune illnesses. Spike Pro-Tect contains schizandra, ginko leaf, quercetin (anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties), serapeptase (anti-inflammatory that helps break down proteins into smaller particles) and Nattokinase (prevention of blood clots).

9. Enjoy these Healing herbs as teas on a rotating basis, every day of the week! Purchase them as organic herbs form from your local health food store. Steep for ten minutes and enjoy!

. Mullein for respiratory support. Particularly helpful as an anti-dote to healing covid and other flu-related symptoms

. Give your blessed liver/bladder some extra TLC with this refreshing and rejuvenating herbal infusion. Combine Mashmallow Root, Dandelion, Hydrangea and lavender for a delicious blend

. Holy Basil, also known as Tulsi, is a key rejuvenating tonic in Aryuvedic Medicine. If you enjoy a calm mind and blissful state and want to live a long, healthy life, make Holy Basil (Organic Traditions) part of your commitment to health and longevity

. Minty Nettle is an ordinary herb that contains extraordinary properties. Abundant in phytochemicals and bioactive compounds, including: vitamins A, B, C and K; minerals calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium; fats like Linoleic acid, linolenic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid and oleic acid; all of the essential amino acids and polyphenols, including Kaempferol, quercetin, caffeic acid, coumarins and other flavonoids extraordinary properties and pigments like beta-carotene, lutein, luteoxanthin and other carotenoids. These nutrients are a collective Love Army of antioxidants ​

. Lemon Baum and lavender​ make another lovely healing concoction

. Chaga tea (Vimergy) is rich in anti-oxidants. The Vimergy brand is endorsed by the Medical Medium who takes the U.S exchange out of the equation and makes this product available to the Canadian marketplace. Dare we confess that we purchase it via

. Organic Sour-sop Leaves Tea in tea bag form (Ceylon Flavors)

10. Other awesome Smoothie Super-Powers

Add any one of these to your basic recipes, or ALL to really pack in the punch! These quantities assume an individual, per-person serving. Just double ‘em for two:

. 1 t. of Reichi powder (

. 1 t. Chlorella powder (

. 1 t. Hawaiian Spirulina (Nutrex)

. 1 t. Barley Grass (Prairie Naturals)

. 1 t. Pink Pitaya Supercolor Powder (Suncore Foods)

11. MOST IMPORTANTLY, these are your ANTI-OXIDANT SUPER-HEROES. Because of exceptionally high levels of radiation at this time in our world's history, be sure to protect yourself and yours accordingly. As per Ty & Charlene Bollinger in their documentary, The Truth about Cancer, this arsenal will help you either heal or prevent cancer:

. Lugol's Iodine Solution 2% protects your thyroid. It's the best form of potassium iodine on the planet ( Take two drops in 1/4 C. water. Swish around in the mouth before swallowing to activate properties

. Purica's Immune 7. Take 2 capsules daily, one on waking and one before retiring to bed, 1 hour away from food.

. Essiac Herbal Extract Dietary Supplement (Rene M. Caisse, RN). Take 2 teaspoons 2x/daily (or 3 t. 3x/daily for therapeutic doses) an hour away from food. Or check out Essiac tea at

. Apricot Seeds are THE best-kept SECRET in history!!!! They are an excellent source of B17 ( Consume five apricot seeds daily, and as many as ten, therapeutically, based upon Dr. Coldwell’s research and success story!!

. Dr. Mercola’s blogpost below for a gold mine of information on vitamin C!

.CBD oil. Under current federal regulations, you will need to apply via Harvest Medicine. Once you fill out five or six applications, a nurse practitioner will schedule an on-line interview with you. You will have an opportunity to receive general information, discuss dosing and address any questions you may have. During this session, we recommend that you request to purchase your CBD oil strictly through Canna Farms. This company is well-known in the industry for having an excellent reputation. Its products are organic, 3rd-party tested and free of all insecticides, pesticides, mercury, heavy metals and fecal content.

Note that you won’t find a lot of scientific research on the efficacy of CBD; however, there are alot of evidenced-based success stories available anecdotally. Don’t be afraid to use your intuition and experiment with what works best for you until more reliable clinical data is on hand. To start, apply 1-3 drops of lowest dose daily (either behind the ear or on the balls of your feet). No THC. For therapeutic purposes, gradually progress to higher doses.

11. Be sure to check out EWG's 2021 Dirty Dozen List

12. EWG's recommendations for Safer Sunscreen
(FREE of oxybenzone; retinyl palmitate and insect repellent). Look for: Zinc oxide, avobenzone, mexoryl SX. Avoid any sprays, powders and SPF above 50, choosing creams and lotions, broad-spectrum protection; water-resistant and SPF to suit your needs 15-50..

As always, be sure to purchase all of the above in organic form to avoid harmful synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and genetically engineered (GE) ingredients and other contaminants.

Pick and choose what calls out to you. But make no mistake. Understand that, for the past 2.5 years, the world has been waging a silent, invisible, spiritual war. In such a war, it is critical to proactively arm yourselves with the most stellar protective ammunition. Be Peaceful Warriors. Pray and meditate, daily. Listen to high vibrational music of 432 Hz +++. Enjoy the sunlight. Dance. Sing. Seriously commit to strengthening your spiritual musculature. Know in your heart that VICTORY belongs to those of us who are sacred vessels for Light & Love. Most importantly, don’t take our word for it! Follow your own intuition and ALWAYS conduct your own independent research. Just be sure you use private, secure, non-corporatized venues like swisscows or, not when conducting research. Please stay connected. We are always eager to share in your discoveries and learn how this resonates, (and works!) for you & yours!

With Light & Love,
Annik & Grant


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