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Mindfulness Meditation Resources

Grant & Annik have been meditating for 20+ years now, exploring various forms of practice throughout the years. In 2016, Annik, was very blessed to gift herself with one of the most extraordinary and transformational experiences of her life. The experience took her spiritual practice to deeper heights of consciousness was one that she has fondly come to call her ‘4.5-month Spiritual Sabbatical.’

Under the auspices of Dr. Gabriel Cousens at The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, AZ, Annik felt honoured to undertake studies in holistic health, yoga, and raw food preparation. Feeling called to dive deeply into her journey of self-discovery, Annik relished in adventurous travels throughout Arizona, meeting a cast of characters who would not only grace her life, but find themselves in one form or another, in the pages of her books.

One day, upon landing in Magical Sedona, Annik heard a woman whom she did not recognize, calling out her name. She was utterly stunned. Who could this woman be? After all, Annik had only just arrived in this beautiful, but foreign place and knew not a soul!

Well, amongst many serendipitous occurrences which would occur throughout Annik's travels, this woman would turn out to be none other than a former neighbour and long-lost friend! Annik felt truly blessed when this woman invited her to sit in meditation with a group of Dr. David Hawkins’ disciples.

And so it is that Annik & Grant now come to share Dr. David Hawkins’ research with you!

Dr. Hawkins’ research shows that we can optimize our health and well-being by influencing our energetic, vibrational field. In Dr. Hawkins’ Consciousness Map Chart attached below, we see that all levels/emotions have a corresponding vibrational quality. Those at the top of the chart correspond to higher hertz frequencies, while those at the bottom are associated with lower hertz frequencies. The idea is that the more you choose to dwell in Higher Frequencies, the more will you blessed with optimal health. By choosing higher vibrational emotions, we also become poised to attract higher vibrational life experiences. Such is the Law of Attraction. You can learn more about Dr. David Hawkins by reading his seminal work, Power VS. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior and The Sedona Method. For further readings on the Law of Attraction, see Esther & Jerry Hicks in their book of same title.






Check out beautiful high frequency music/soundscapes like Butterfly Effect music (432 Hz) in the weblinks below. May this music elevate your vibration and promote a sense of deep relaxation and well-being! Allow its resplendence to leave you feeling blessed on every level. Allow it to nourish and nurture all of your precious cells and organs. Allow it to re-remind you of your Awesomeness, and WHO you are as a magnificent Child of God:     


The Butterfly Effect 432Hz

The Butterfly Effect l Elevate your Vibration Positive Aura Cleanse 432Hz

Raise Positive Vibration | 528Hz Love Frequency Music | Enhance Self Love | Detox Frequency Healing

Schumann Resonance

You can search ‘High Frequency Music’ for other options, including: clearing negativity,  releasing anger, healing, etc.

Smart Recovery: SMART Recovery’s 4-Point Program® helps people recover from all types of addictive behaviors, including: alcoholism, drug abuse, substance abuse, gambling addiction, co-dependency, sex or relationship addiction


Louise Hay’s book, I Can Do It! Lovely little book containing Positive Affirmations that helps you counter shame and self-defeating messages


Brene Brown Podcasts:   





At the APP Store, you can find two apps that we particularly recommend:

Insight Timer Guided Meditations: This app allows you to choose the length and theme of your meditation. We recommend taking time for two meditations daily, one in the morning, and the second prior to bed.

Gratitude App: Look for an icon that has a flower in the shape of a heart motif. Click daily to support populating your mind with positive thoughts.

Think of your precious mind as a magnificent garden, full of the most resplendent blossoms. The garden of your mind contains a diversity of vibrant colors, textures, foliage and scents, all of which contribute to your joy and pleasure. How are you populating your mind? Are you choosing positive, happy, loving thoughts that serve you? What can you do when a negative thought arises? Do you know about the importance of pruning such thoughts out of the microbiome of your mind so that what grows is beautiful and happy? Expressing gratitude daily is one of the quickest ways to harvest joy and happiness! 

Finally, you can also search Healing Meditations for a host of other options. Enjoy your search and the fun of playful experimentation!

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