• Annik Moyal-Waldman, M.Ed

The Gifts of the Coronavirus

Updated: May 30, 2020

Welcome to our blog space and inaugural first edition!

Given the striking and de-stabilizing effects the coronavirus pandemic is presently having upon our world, I feel called to share these thoughts with you.

WHAT IF the coronavirus were intended by this blessed and beautiful Universe of ours as a means of getting us to pay attention to ALL that is truly important and sacred in these earthly realms?

WHAT IF it were being used as a means of catalyzing our awakening and rattling our complacency so that we could all relish in the joys of our ever-expanding and deepening levels of ascension?

WHAT IF the coronavirus were a means by which we get to acknowledge how distracted we are, how much we nurse our addictions, escaping to pursuits like social networking, excessive shopping, imbalanced tech use or other things because most of us haven’t the courage to look at ourselves in the mirror and do our inner work?

WHAT if this virus were being used to show us whether we live succumbing to Fear, or exalted in Love?

WHAT IF the coronavirus were showing us how much we value Life itself? Whether we are Life-affirming and Life-honouring, or submit to the FULL-ON CHAOS, insanity and unsustainability of a world gone mad?

WHAT IF the coronavirus were teaching us how to stay in our power centre, calm, confident, full of joy, empathy, compassion and love ~ in spite of ALL of the chaos going on all around us, so that we may be of service to others?

WHAT IF we knew that we drew this experience because we, as spiritual beings having an earthly experience, are yearning for a more elevated, evolved, empowered human experience, more WORTHY of us?

WHAT IF we knew that we were in the midst of attracting such an experience that is better aligned with WHO we are in our truest essence?

WHAT IF the coronavirus were here to show us the insanity and shamelessness of the lies, falsifications, manipulation and deceit in the current social and cultural structures that permeate our world?

WHAT IF its very existence tells us that our culture is birthing ever MORE expansive and epic cultural co-creations, while exponentializing our ascension process?

WHAT IF the coronavirus were an impetus ushering more GOOD than we ever thought possible or even imaginable?

WHAT IF the coronavirus were here to help us to re-structure the economy in a good way, in a way that is more humane, sustainable and socially equitable for ALL ~ not just a select 1% who’ve figured out how to play the game, but compromised their Humanity in the process?

WHAT IF the coronavirus were showing us the sheer absurdity and outrageous sensationalism of the media and politicians who feed them like dogs to the wolves?

Would we still allow ourselves to live in a zombie-like stupor?

Would we still be in fear?