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The Science of Beliefs

The Science of Beliefs, Emotions, Healing and Disease
~ Nathan Crane’s Interview with Gregg Braden


Gregg Braden is a five-time New York Times best-selling author, scientist, international educator and renowned pioneer in the emerging paradigm based in science, social policy and human potential.


During this insightful interview, Braden shares the latest science around the power of our mind and beliefs to either create disease, or healing in the body. We also learn how to self-regulate in the presence of a world in chaos. This approach validates what our ancestors knew 5,000 years ago. The practice being described, in unison with other wellness practices, will leave you looking and feeling RADIANT.

Trust your body. Honour it like the sacred temple it is. This is the gateway to your deepest healing.

May we invite you to access the podcast at the weblink below. We’ve also shared notes of this podcast for your convenience in the Key Highlights below.


Key Highlights:


Braden’s most urgent message is this: In all dis-ease, your body is telling you something important. You are tasked with the important mission of discovering what is your body uniquely telling you?


During this interview, Braden shares that he came from a highly dysfunctional alcoholic family. Trauma, as we know, creates beliefs in the subconscious mind that, left unchecked, causes dis-ease. Twenty-five years ago or so, Braden learned that he had a tumour in his bladder. He told the doctor: ‘Give me two weeks. I’ll practice what I teach and get back to you.’


Gregg Braden practiced his own medicine, and two weeks later, he returned to his physician.


This guy was shocked to see ABSOLUTELY NO SIGN OF TUMOUR, WHATSOEVER! Moral of the story? We are powerful beyond measure! As Braden argues, our bodies will respond to the subtle changes we make, if we are only willing to be SELF-RESPONSIBLE and SELF-DISCIPLINED. The practice of Self-Love is transformational.


Curious to know more about what specific changes Braden made towards his self-healing?

In his personal and professional work with The Institute for HeartMath, Braden learned about pioneering, innovative ways of looking at the human heart. He discovered that it’s not so much about trauma, as such. It’s more about how we choose to register that trauma. The key is to release the trauma before it becomes stored in the body.


If our releases feel like they are never-ending, it may be that there’s something more to be released in your heart. We are always creating a system of homeostasis in our bodies. After we’ve done sufficient inner work, the resentment, anger, hurt, and sadness we’ve been carrying, the ‘trigger magnets’, so-to-speak, will dissolve.


Finally, we are in a position to harmonize our heart and brain. We are poised to allow our focus to move from the polarity of the brain (judgment) into the heart where there is no polarity. In this way, by carrying ourselves out of judgment (and by definition, polarity), we are able to become more objective, no longer ‘stuck’ in the divisionism. This allows us to finally experience greater joy, inner peace and freedom.


HeartMath’s Steps towards Heart/Brain Coherence:


1.Find a comfortable place. Sit in an upright position. Close your eyes. Allow your awareness to move from the outer to the inner world. Allow your awareness to move from your ‘thinking mind’ to your ‘healing heart’. It is helpful to gently touch your heart centre with your hand, as your awareness will always go to where you touch your body.


2. Next, slow your breathing. Inhale for 5- 6 seconds. Release the breath. Signal to your body: I am safe. All is well. I am in a place of safety.


3. Establish a connection between your head and heart. This is called Coherence. As you hold your awareness in your heart centre, become aware of a feeling you would like to feel. Feel this feeling because you CHOOSE to feel it, not because of any external reason to feel it.

As human beings, we get to CHOOSE the emotion we WANT to feel. If we can feel gratitude, love, appreciation, caring or compassion ~ either one or some combination of these experiences ~ this feeling, anchored in the heart, allows us to move out of the STUCKNESS of unresolved emotions.


If we begin to have memories of painful experiences in the past, we will have an ability to see the event more objectively as an observer. The power in this exercise lies in its capacity to catalyze a release of neuro-peptides. Because we are quite literally clearing out our toxic emotions and traumas, it’s important to drink a lot of water/herbal tea to help flush these out.


Know that this process is not a one shot deal; rather, like peeling the layers of an onion, we need to commit to our practice daily to optimize progress. Over a short time, heart/brain harmony brings us into powerful balance. We are literally hitting a primal re-set button in our bodies. It may come as no surprise to learn that this exercise is a powerful way to de-stress.


Braden recommends that we practice daily for a minimum of three minutes, once or twice a day. We can either practice this meditation on waking, before retiring to bed, and/or do our primal re-set anytime we are stressed. Each time we practice, we can be assured that we are releasing subconscious programming that would otherwise hold us hostage, allowing new, more productive programming to be instated on our ‘hard drive’, as it were.


To the point of the ‘work’ of daily practice ~ Braden cites Khalil Gibran, who wrote in The Prophet, that ‘Work is Love made visible’. Every time we question whether this work is worth it, ask yourself: ‘Am I worth the work that it takes to make these changes? Listen to what your heart says.’

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