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Calling All Artists!

A Professional Development Playshop ~ Just for you!

  • 6 hr
  • $180/per person
  • Please contact us for details.

Service Description

Stirring your Soul: Basking in the Alchemy of Creativity, Wellness, & Empowerment You are warmly invited to join us for a rich, experientially-based playshop rooted in an alchemical dance between creativity, wellness, and spirituality! This work is specifically designed for those of you who’ve been yearning to broaden your self-care practice, while exploring various tools to access your authentic self and re-ignite your creativity. As you walk away inspired, nourished and celebrated, you will envision LARGER possibilities for yourself AND your life! Dive into a day of curiosity and fun with us. If you are: 💗 Longing to drop DEEP down into your body, grounded, and centred in the truth of WHO you really are, as an artist? 💗 Feeling called to renew, re-charge, and re-ignite your creative spirit, while re-kindling your passion for your artmaking? 💗 Yearning to bask your Self in an experience of joy, self-love, nurturing, and inspiration? I weave 20+ years of professional experience as an expressive arts therapist, facilitator, feminine leadership coach, & published author into my work. My toolkit consists of extensive experience and a wealth of knowledge of Eastern and Western teachings; conscious leadership in wellness, women’s empowerment and the expressive arts; mindfulness meditation; holistic medicine and energy medicine. I bring fierce joy, love, intuition and passion with me. The net effect is a unique healing experience for each experience I co-create with you! Outcomes: 💗 Deepen your self-care toolkit to improve your health, energy, & vitality, while optimizing your creative flows 💗 Reconnect with WHO you really are. Feel FULLY present IN your body, grounded and centred in this truth! 💗 Rekindle your creative spirit and artistic flair 💗 Reclaim your fire and passion, as you honour the sacred in yourself! 💗 Bolster your self-worth 💗 Connect with fellow creatives What to bring: Bring your beautiful open heart and smiles; a brown bag lunch; any snacks you may want for the day; plus your water bottle. 🌷🌷

Contact Details

(250) 896.0376

Vernon, BC, Canada

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