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Family Counselling

Tap into our over twenty years of experience with conscious parenting.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • $250

Service Description

Our goal in family therapy, as in all forms of therapy, is to leave all family members feeling heard, acknowledged, respected, witnessed and supported. We work from a deeply respectful, compassionate, collaborative and empowering place, offering counselling that capitalizes on a strength-based, resiliency-building approach to healing. We offer clarity, assistance in resolving family issues and the necessary tools with which to improve your system of communication. We encourage mindful approaches to the issues you are experiencing and teach you healthy stress management techniques, thereby assisting you in co-creating a better functioning home environment that is more joyful, peaceful and harmonious. Through an understanding of the unique challenges each member faces, our aim is, help re-frame your presenting issues. As we de-construct your old ‘story’ and separate your ‘story’ from YOU, the person ~ we assist you in re-scripting a new story, one with a happier ending of YOUR choice. In addition to our professional experience, as therapists, we bring a deep love and appreciation for family with us, plus a wealth of personal experience and extensive knowledge raising our beloved son, now age 24!! We feel deeply proud and blessed to share in the benefits of attachment theory, and other practices conscious families use in service to raising happy, well-adjusted, emotionally resilient, responsible and thriving young adults with solid roots and wings with which to soar!

Contact Details

(250) 896.0376

Vernon, BC, Canada

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