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⚡️⚡️ NEWS FLASH!!!!! ⚡️⚡️February 14th marks our official 1st Yr Anniversary at Healing Works!!!! 💖

Dear Clients & Friends,

We trust that you enjoyed all of your Love celebrations, and, if you are in Canada, Family Day celebrations, too!! 💖🙏🏻🌈

It's been quite the SURREAL first year!!!! When we reflect with awe and appreciation over this past year, we realize with gratitude that, you who have been on a healing journey with us, have enjoyed several gifts ~ gifts we have felt blessed to witness. We’d love to share just a few of these with you.

- you have shed layers of self-delusion and deception to get a place of deeper knowing, truth and authenticity

- you have released a range of cathartic feelings, including, sadness, frustration, anger and grief. Because you were willing to move through your emotions, you were rewarded with a sense of relief, inner peace and freedom. This comes from feeling fully acknowledged, witnessed, understood, encouraged, empowered, elevated, inspired and supported

- you have emerged with greater hope, clarity and resilience

-You deepened your appreciation for your own Sovereignty -you learned to trust in the process ~ no matter how crazy or flawed it looked to your human eye. You saw that what may look like the worst possible timing for a ‘problem’ may prove to be divine perfection!

-you had the courage to see that if something has run amok in your universe, and you feel called to embrace it in the fullness of your Being ~ this blessed Universe has your back, 100%. You are FAR from alone! You will never be left stranded. You will be guided and supported every step of the way

-you learned to imagine your heart’s longings as though they had already fully blossomed into Being! You learned to see your heart’s desires, feel them, touch them, taste them, hear them. OWN them with Love & Gratitude!!!!!

-you DARED to dream larger possibilities for yourself and your life!!!

-you were willing to RECEIVE the Universe’s Abundance! -you learned that you could co-create your destiny by mindfully managing each and every one of your thoughts. In this way, you could either create Heaven or Hell on Earth

-you discovered that the hardest part about achieving your dreams is having the courage to dream new visions and say YESSS to Life!!

One of our blessed clients was so thrilled with the work she was doing with us, that she requested we deliver a talk to an organization with whom she is affiliated. Its membership consists of 200 people. Even though I have added two new business ventures to my plate, I am saying YESSS!!! We are now accepting more clients, and are, as always, eager to serve you!

You know, so many of you often shower us with expressions of gratitude and appreciation for the blessing of working with us. You also know we make no secret of how much your gratitude stirs our souls. What you may not always know is the JOY and innumerable gifts that WE, ourselves, receive from every single one of you BEAUTIFUL SOULS!!! Giving and receiving are truly different facets of the same diamond. The joy and gift you bring often feels, we’re not gonna lie, WAY, WAY more GINORMOUS than what WE gift you!!!!!

Really and truly. So… from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for blessing us with your presence. Thank you for making us, at Healing Works, a part of your brag moments with all those you love and care about. Thank you for granting us the privilege of accompanying you in your soul's journey. Most importantly, thank you for honoring us with your courage, vulnerability, trust and faith. As you very well know, this work is hardly for the faint of heart… You continue to leave us awestruck and mesmerized by the courageous and deep transformational work you do. We feel so dearly blessed to serve you!

Love, Annik & Grant


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